Kyiv: US supports Ukraine joining NATO

The US is expecting Ukraine to join the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), according to a joint statement by the Ukraine-US Strategic Partnership Commission published on the Ukrainian embassy’s website on Saturday, November 17.

“Ukraine once again confirmed that NATO membership remains its strategic priority, which was recently consolidated in national legislation. The United States welcomes Ukraine’s aspiration to join NATO, which was set out in the Bucharest Declaration of 2008, and is expecting to one day congratulate Ukraine as a full-fledged Alliance member,” the statement reads.

The press release also notes that the US supports Ukraine’s efforts to implement security reforms which are specified in the law “On Ukraine’s national security”, and that Ukraine remains involved in international operations to support peace and security.

In March, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko ordered the drafting of a bill with amendments to the Constitution that would consolidate the country’s course towards membership in the EU and NATO. The drafting of the bill was completed in August and the amendments to the constitution were subsequently ratified by the Verkhovna Rada.

There are plans to add a short paragraph on the Ukraine’s choice of civilization to the preamble of the Constitution. Three articles will affirm the obligation of the Verkhovna Rada, the Cabinet of Ministers and the president to support and bring about Ukraine’s course towards integration with NATO and the EU. The justification for deploying Russia’s Black Sea Fleet in Crimea will also be removed from the transitional provisions of the Constitution.

NATO said that it supports Ukraine’s right to maintain a Euro-Atlantic course. On the other hand, media reports indicate that the EU is skeptical of Poroshenko’s constitutional initiatives.

On January 17, the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine ratified a draft law “On national security” that envisages a legislative consolidation of Ukraine’s plans to join NATO and the EU.

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