Latvia intends to spend additional 60 million euros on defense in 2019

Delfi reports that the Latvian government approved a state budget bill for 2019 that has been submitted for further approval to the Saeima.

According to the bill, the revenues in general consolidated budget in the current year are estimated at 9.2 billion euros and expenditures at 9.4 billion euros. Revenues to the core budget are expected to reach 6.4 billion euros and expenditures at 6.8 billion euros. Revenues to the special budget are planned to be at 3 billion euros and expenditures at 2.8 billion euros.

GDP growth is expected to increase by 3% in 2019 and the budget deficit by 0.5% of GDP. Latvia's current military budget is bigger than last year and is set at 60.3 million euros. This is necessary to ensure the fulfillment of commitments to NATO of military funding at the level of 2% of the GDP.

The new budget includes an additional 87.5 million euros for salary increases in the healthcare sector, 8.9 million euros for a pay increase for judges and prosecutors and 4.8 million euros for a salary increase for employees of social welfare institutions.

  Latvia, Europe


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