Latvian government to evaluate plan to mobilize the army

On Tuesday, June 11, the Government of Latvia seeks to approve a plan for mobilizing the National Armed Forces (NAF). LETA news agency reports, citing the country’s Ministry of Defense, according to the law, the government approves the military-drafted plan for mobilizing the NAF every year.

The mobilization plan is drawn up in case of exceptional circumstances or war. It explains how to have the NAF at partial or full combat readiness as well as establishes the leadership, duties, order and logistical support for the mobilization process. The plan serves as the basis for subsequent military planning. Its elements are honed through various NAF exercises.

The day before, Latvia’s Ministry of Defense ordered € 4 million worth of anti-tank munitions for its Carl Gustav anti-tank weapons. In 2018, SAAB Dynamics AB concluded a deal to supply various types of ammunition to Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia for a period of seven years. In August 2018, the Latvian Ministry of Defense was the first to place an order after the conclusion of the deal, ordering € 16.2 million worth of Carl Gustav ammunition. The Carl Gustav anti-tank grenade launcher provides both anti-tank and anti-personnel defense and is widely used in NATO member states.

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