Libyan Government of National Accord: eight Russian mercenaries were killed in recent airstrikes

The spokesperson for Libya's Government of National Accord, issued a statement saying at least eight Russian servicemen were killed in the attacks on the Libyan capital. It is reported that a group of Russian military came under the attack by the Libyan Air Force.

"The Air Force managed to kill eight mercenaries of the Russian private military company Wagner two days ago, who were preparing to carry out an attack on the capital," the statement reads.

The air force of the Libyan Government of National Accord carried out a series of strikes on the suburbs of Tripoli. In response, the Libyan National Army also carried out air strikes against Libyan government positions.

The Libyan National Army has not provided any details about the casualties. It was previously reported that up to 300 Russian troops could fight alongside the Libyan National Army led by general Khalifa Haftar.

  Government of National Accord, Libya, Khalifa Haftar