Lukashenko: Belarus has created medium-range missile

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko said that Belarus has been able to achieve significant results in the creation of unique medium-range missiles missile systems, which Russia is only beginning to develop. According to Belarusian President, much more powerful weapons are already being developed.

"The main issue was the increasing of the range and power of the missiles that we already have, and how we can use the experience of our partners, especially China, with which we actively cooperate in the area of rocket science. We want to learn how the industry is progressing, and how the tasks are solved," said Belarusian President, noting that Belarusian military-industrial complex managed to create a medium-range missile.

Experts draw attention primarily to the fact that Belarus has chosen China as a military partner, which already has medium-range missile weapons. However, a few months earlier, Belarus stated that it would continue to adhere to the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty.

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