Lukashenko leaves Russia and Belarus integration meeting without speaking to media

The talks between the presidents of Russia and Belarus Vladimir Putin and Alexander Lukashenko on the prospects of deepening integration within the Union State, lasted more than 5 hours, reports Interfax news agency.

The meeting was held in Sochi at Putin's residence Bocharov Ruchey. After the talks, Lukashenko left Putin's residence without speaking to the reporters.

"The first 2 hours Putin and Lukashenko talked with the members of delegations being present. Then during lunch, they talked privately. After the private conversation, the presidents continued negotiations together with the Prime Ministers of Russia and Belarus Dmitry Medvedev and Syarhey Rumas," reports Interfax.

According to TASS, before the talks, Putin "noted that the governments of both countries have carried out a lot of work on integration over the past years and invited all participants to discuss the further prospects of the integration process."

  Lukashenko, Putin


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