Lukashenko promises constitutional reform and early elections

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko is preparing to repeat the Russian scenario with the Constitution reform, which will be followed by early elections.

"Yes, maybe I overstayed a little bit," Lukashenko said in an interview with Russian journalists, excerpts of which are quoted by Roman Babayan, editor-in-chief of the Radio “Govorit Moskva”.

According to Lukashenko, he does not intend to leave his post "just like that."

"I have been building Belarus for a quarter of a century. I'm just not going to give it up. Besides, if I leave, my supporters will be massacred!" he said.

Nevertheless, after the constitutional reform with unclear content Lukashenko, in his own words, is ready to surrender his post.

"We are ready to reform the Constitution, after that we do not rule out early presidential elections," he said.

According to Lukashenko, Belarus is determined to continue its integration with Russia, but first existing institutions and projects of the Union State should earn.

It is Russia, not Belarus, as Lukashenko believes, that that those “behind the protests need. The protests, according to him, are organized by the United States through Poland and the Czech Republic.

Lukashenko says he "has not run away and is ready to defend the country to the end". This is what he intended to show when he appeared with a machine gun on the day when 200,000 protesters came to his residence.

Lukashenko does not intend to talk to the protest leaders represented by the coordinating council of the opposition. "I don't know who these people are. They are not the opposition," the Belarusian president said.

Maria Kolesnikova, a member of the Constitutional Court who disappeared the day before, was detained while trying to escape to Ukraine, Lukashenko said, adding that he believes the detention was justified.

  Lukashenko, Belarus