Lukashenko: Ukraine buried good relations with Belarus

Self proclaimed president of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko said at a press conference that political relations between Ukraine and Belarus are at the lowest point.

"Belarusian-Ukrainian political relations, which cannot be said about economic relations, are currently at the lowest point. And the red line was crossed when the European Union had not yet stopped air communication with us, and Ukraine did it. And for what reason? Is it really possible to reach such an abomination to ruin everything that has been so far, what we have done for Ukraine?" he said.

Lukashenko believes that Ukraine in this situation should have "sat and remained silent."

"Let the European Union go mad, let the Americans, NATO ... You have not yet been accepted neither in NATO nor in the European Union and will not be accepted! No, they had to be the first," Lukashenko said.

Contacts between official representatives of Ukraine and Belarus were suspended in the autumn of 2020 to the falsification of the results of the presidential elections and the suppression of peaceful protests by Lukashenko regime.

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