Macron and Trump exchange information 'confirming' chemical attack in Syria

US President Donald Trump and French President Emmanuel Macron exchanged information that “confirmed the use of chemical weapons” in Syria during a phone call. This was announced in a statement published on the official website of the Élysée Palace.

“They also agreed to coordinate their actions and initiatives in the UN Security Council on Monday, April 9, in New York, for discussion of the non-compliance with resolution 2401 and repeated use of chemical weapons. All of the guilty parties will be clearly established,” the report states.

The press release did not mention the manner in which the two presidents exchanged the information. It mentioned only that Macron and Trump had agreed to maintain close contact, and to talk again in the next 48 hours.

Meanwhile Reuters’ sources in the US government reported that Washington’s assessment of the reports of the use of chemical weapons in Syria is that a chemical attack did in fact take place. However, the details of the attack are still being determined. The sources clarified that the conclusion that a chemical attack really took place was made “with some degree of confidence”.

Earlier Russia initiated a session of the UN Security Council on the topic of the threat to international security. Western countries have also requested that the reports of a chemical attack in Syria be discussed in the session.

Information on a chemical attack by the Syrian Air Force came out on the night before Sunday, April 8. According to activists in the Syrian American Medical Society, at least 49 people were affected by the attack. The Syrian Foreign Ministry denied that Damascus was involved in the attack.

Donald Trump accused Syrian President Bashar al-Assad of using chemical weapons, and promised Assad that he would pay a “high price” for it. Trump also reiterated that Russia and Iran are also responsible, as they have supported the Syrian regime.

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