Macron confirms his imminent visit to Russia

French President Emmanuel Macron is going to come to Russia. He tweeted about it on Saturday.

"The confidential dialogue started with President Putin in Brégançon continues. Security in Europe, regional conflicts, climate, including melting permafrost in the Arctic. We are moving forward, and soon I will come to Russia," Macron wrote on Twitter.

The French President made his statement after talks with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin. On June 26, the Kremlin released a transcript of a conversation between the two presidents, quoting Macron as saying that he would come to Russia on an official visit at the end of the summer if the epidemiological situation permits.

During the talks, the Presidents, in particular, discussed the 75-year victories in World War II. Macron noted that France honors the sacrifice of the Soviet people in the fight against fascism.

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