Maduro promises Russia military assistance in its conflict with the West

A delegation of Russian "messengers" sent to Latin America against the backdrop of the strongest conflict with the West since the Cold War will return to Moscow not empty-handed.

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, who on Wednesday received an extensive Russian delegation led by Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Borisov, who oversees the defense industry, announced that the two countries concluded a range of new military agreements.

"We reviewed our plans, approved the direction for powerful military cooperation between Russia and Venezuela to protect peace, sovereignty and territorial integrity," said Maduro.

"Russia has Venezuela's full support in the face of threats from NATO and the Western world," he stressed, adding that Venezuelan Defense Minister Vladimir Padrino had been given "clear instructions" in this regard.

"Venezuela is Russia’s strategic partner in Latin America and in the world as a whole," said Borisov, who held talks with Vice President for Economy and Oil Minister Tarek el-Aissami.

"In the context of the current growing tension in the world, the coordination of Russian-Venezuelan cooperation is of particular importance," he said.

Russian Deputy Minister for Economic Development Vladimir Ilyichev, in turn, said that Russia is considering the possibility of further investments in the Venezuelan economy.

According to Ilyichev, Russia is considering taking part in the restoration of the Puerto Cabello and Valencia railway and also setting up a production line for KAMAZ trucks in Venezuela.

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