Media: Putin has decided to participate in presidential elections

Vladimir Putin has “made up his mind” to participate in the new presidential elections, RBC news agency reported with reference to a federal official.

Discussion is underway as to when and how he will announce this, sources close to the Kremlin told the news outlet.

The intention to run for presidency can be announced before the Federation Council designates the presidential campaign, or afterwards. The Federation Council is scheduled to make the decision regarding the campaign between December 7-17. According to a correspondent close to the Kremlin, the announcement will be made before convention of United Russia, scheduled for December 22-23, and the annual convention of the All-Russia People’s Front, which may take place in the second half of December. There is also another scenario according to which Putin would declare his plans at the start of January.

According to RBC’s sources, Putin’s campaign will be held within a short space of time. There is no doubt as to its success, and no need to hurry. The sources say that there are some who want to hasten the announcement, since the elites want certainty.
The ongoing discussion concerns the format of the announcement. One option is purely technical, the other geared for “maximum dramatic effect”.

“For example, it would be possible to announce the intention to run for election during a trip to a region where the relevant question will be posed by a worker, or instead a special large-scale event featuring well-known people could be organized,” a correspondent told RBC.

At the start of October, sources close to the Kremlin reported that Putin may announce his intention to run for a fourth term at the end of November or the start of December, since he does not want to rush to start his electoral campaign. He may make his announcement as part of a letter to parliament and a major press conference.

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