Media: Two Wagner PMC mercenaries killed alongside four Russian soldiers in Syria

In Syria during a militant attack, two Wagner Private Military Company (PMC) fighters were killed as well as four Russian soldiers, reported Novaya Gazeta with reference to a source who wished to remain anonymous.

In addition, the source claims that another two persons have been taken to hospital in Moscow. The source did not specify whether they were soldiers or Wagner PMC fighters.

As Arab News reported with reference to the AFP and the Syrian Human Rights Observatory, at least nine Russians were killed in the battle reported by the Russian Defense Ministry. “Several of the Russians were soldiers, but not all of them,” noted head of the organization Rami Abdul-Rahman. The human rights activists report that the battle took place on Wednesday, May 23, and not May 27 as was reported by Novaya Gazeta.

Earlier Russia’s Defense Ministry reported that two Russian military advisers were killed during an attack on a Syrian government forces artillery convoy. Another two soldiers ended up in hospital, and three were wounded. The military department did not clarify the date of the encounter. news outlet also reported that on May 27, two Russian soldiers were buried in Transbaikal, after being killed during a bombardment in Syria on May 23. According to this news outlet, six soldiers were killed in the battle – four from Transbaikal and two from Bashkiria.

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