Media: A leak on social media by a military volunteer disrupted an operation of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in Donbas

The Ukrainian army offensive in the Donbas failed because one of the volunteers disclosed the military’s plans, as reported by TSN news, citing a source in the headquarters of the 54th Brigade.

According to him, Kyiv initially planned to capture a significant amount of territory and move to the outskirts of Horlivka, which is under the control of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People's Republic.

"The result was planned to be much more ambitious. They planned to seize a much larger territory, but these plans became public," the brigade officer said.

However, one of the volunteers posted about the upcoming offensive on a social network, after which the separatists pulled up the reserves. As a result, the operation of the Ukrainian military was limited to the seizure of Travneve and Hladosove along the line of demarcation.

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