Media: Iran uses Russian Khmeimim air base to transport weapons to Syria

The second Iranian cargo plane in the last two weeks landed at the Russian Khmeimim military base in Syria, reported the Arabic-language news outlet Nothing is known about the nature of the cargo.

According to the newspaper, in this way Iran guarantees the uninterrupted supply to military units stationed in Syria, without fear of attacks by the Israeli Air Force.

The Syrian authorities can also use this method of delivering the necessary goods until security conditions are in place near the Damascus International Airport. The Russian base, the newspaper notes, also makes it possible not to fear the agents working for the United States and Israel.

The newspaper claims that some of the cargo arriving in Khmeimim from Iran is destined for the terrorist organization Hezbollah. The media reports that Israel is currently looking for ways to close the loophole for the supply of Iranian weapons to the Russian military base.

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