Media: Kadyrov’s daughter opens erotic lingerie store in Chechnya

18 year-old Aishat, daughter of Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov and head of the Firdaws fashion house, has opened store for erotic lingerie and intimate accessories, the Russian-language BBC service reports.

In the Firdaws shopping center in Chechnya, Aishat owns a confectionery by the same name. The “Lady A” lingerie boutique has just been opened next to the confectionery, BBC clarified. The opening ceremony took place at the end of November.

The shop sells intimate cosmetics. The boutique’s Instagram account advertises a “tasty” edible massage cream. It also sells whips, masks, and other accessories. On Instagram it describes itself as “A boudoir of your secrets and lacy splendor. Be bold… it’s just between us...”
Firdaws representatives flatly refused to respond to any questions related to the lingerie store.

“On the one hand, if there is such a store, it means that there is demand,” a local resident told BBC. According to him, the fact that the shop was opened by the daughter of the Chechen leader is a contradiction. “Taking into account the kind of propaganda on women’s behavior that is promoted to the common people, this is offensive. It’s as if their attitude towards us is: ‘One thing for us, for you – something else,’ the source said, adding that in the republic women “are taught how to live, are taught to be submissive and obedient”.

In November, Kadyrov said that he had a dream of leaving his position as head of Chechnya.

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