US special representative for Ukraine Volker and Putin’s aide Surkov to meet in the end of August

The meeting of US State Department Special Representative for Ukraine Kurt Volker and Russian Presidential Advisor Vladislav Surkov will take place in Moscow in the last two weeks of August, a diplomatic source told the Russian publication Izvestia.

According to a source close to the Russian presidential administration, the parties will discuss matters relating to the resolution of the situation in Ukraine and the prevention of conflict escalation.

“Moscow will present the facts which show that Kyiv is not complying with the agreements, and explain Ukraine’s obligations according to the Minsk agreements,” the source stated.

The Foreign Ministers of Russia and the US made arrangements for Kurt Volker and Vladislav Surkov to meet while at talks in Manila.

On July 23, Volker visited the Donbas where he said that the combat in the region was “not a frozen conflict” but a “hot war”.

“Russia is already in Ukraine with all its heavy weapons. Right now there are more Russian tanks there than in all Western European countries combined. It is a very, very large military contingent. An even bigger contingent is focused on the border with Ukraine,” Volker noted then.

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