Media: Nomination of Putin for president will take place in two stages

The presidential campaign strategy being developed by the Kremlin's political bloc is almost ready, Kommersant newspaper reports, referring to sources in the presidential administration. The well-informed sources confirmed that there are plans to conduct the nomination of Putin for presidency in two stages.

The first stage, during which the head of state will publicly announce his consent to run for a new term, is scheduled for November. Before that, several events with his participation are planned to be held.

The second stage supposes the legal nomination of Putin as a self-nominated person with signatures in support of the candidate being gathered as late as possible, so that the official election campaign is as short as possible.

According to the law ’On Elections of the President’, the appointment of elections should take place from December 7 to December 17, and the registration of the initiative group with the Central Election Commission will take place no later than 20 days, meaning the deadline would be January 6.

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