Media: Putin sent Russian investigators to Donetsk to find Zakharchenko killers

A group of Russian investigators arrived in Donetsk at the request of Russian President Vladimir Putin,  Rosbalt news outlet reports, citing a source from one of the law-enforcement units of the DPR. The group’s task is to find the killers of the Head of the DPR, Alexander Zakharchenko.

“Last night, the group sent by Putin arrived. Serious guys. The Russian President said, ‘find and punish. Many people still blame the Director of the Republican State Security Service of the DPR and Zakharchenko’s chief of personal security. This death is total incompetence,” the source said.

He also stated that the suspects detained earlier have been released. “We still have not detained the real perpetrators. Experts state that it would have taken at least half an hour not plant the bomb. That is why those who were detained could not be involved in it,” the interlocutor stated.

Zakharchenko died on August 31 from a bomb that exploded in the restaurant Separ in Donetsk.

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