Media: Russian submarines are ‘sitting ducks’

The Russian news outlet Military Industrial Courier writes that Russian missile submarines have become easy targets for enemy anti-submarine ships. According to the Courier, if there is a war, the Russian submarines will be destroyed before they even have time to launch their missiles.

The article notes that Russian missile submarines set out into the open ocean on combat duty, but even at their own bases they are visible to satellite tracking and vulnerable to a preventative strike.

“The regions where domestic strategic missile submarines are deployed without accompanying ships from the far ocean zone (in the necessary numbers) remain unprotected,” the article notes.

The Military Industrial Courier criticizes the Russian military’s decision not to build a full-fledged ocean-going attack fleet in favor of small universal vessels.

The article points out that, when entering the World Ocean, frigates must escort a tanker, which restricts the military ships’ maneuverability and makes them more vulnerable. Furthermore, instead of metal, plastic and aluminum-magnesium alloys are used on ships, which increases the risk of fire if there are accidents or the ships are attacked.

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