Merkel accuses Russia of destabilizing post-Soviet countries

Russia destabilizes the situation in Ukraine, Georgia, Armenia, Moldova and Azerbaijan, said the German Chancellor the German servicemen stationed in Lithuania, the Deutsche Welle reported.

“We see that, in fact, almost all former Soviet republics that are not part of the EU and NATO are facing internal conflicts created by Russia,” said the head of the German government.

“Today, all these states are trying to recover their territorial integrity since Russia either took parts of their territories or caused conflicts there”, said Merkel. As an example, Merkel mentioned the situation in Ukraine, Georgia, Armenia, Moldova and Azerbaijan.

It is important to have units of bundeswehr located in the Baltic countries as part of the NATO mission to deter the hybrid war led by Russia. This war includes cyber-attacks as well, Merkel said.

More than 4,500 NATO soldiers and officers are deployed on the rotational base in the Baltic countries and Poland.

Eerlier, in an interview with The Washington Post, President Petro Poroshenko said that Russia plans to occupy the Sea of Azov like the Crimea.

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