Merkel does not believe that ruling coalition of Germany will fall apart because of dispute over immigrants

German Chancellor Angela Merkel does not believe that the ruling coalition in Germany will fall apart due to disagreements between the parties (the Christian Democratic and Christian Social Unions and the Social Democratic Party of Germany) on the issue of combating illegal immigration. She stated this on Thursday after a meeting in Berlin with the prime ministers of the federal states of Germany.

The Chancellor stressed that even more effort should be concentrated on the implementation of the tasks and projects. “And I proceed from the fact that we, including the government, will do this together,” Merkel said, answering a question regarding the possibility of the collapse of the coalition.

Illegal immigration is one of the most serious problems in the EU and a coordinated approach is needed to overcome it, Merkel added.

"I personally consider illegal immigration to be one of the major challenges facing the EU, and therefore I think that we should not act unilaterally, uncoordinated, and to the detriment of third parties,” she said, thereby again disagreeing with the proposal of the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Horst Seehofer to stop immigrants right at the German border.

Merkel and her Christian Democratic Union party are working toward a European decision in the fight against illegal immigration. But the Christian Social Union in Bavaria insists that undocumented immigrants or those who have already been refused asylum in Germany are turned back right at the German border. Disagreements between the “sister” parties could lead to a governmental crisis in Germany.

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