Merkel speaks against easing Russian sanctions

At a meeting with the heads of governments of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia in Vilnius, the Federal Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel opposed mitigation of sanctions against Russia.

 While there is no significant progress in implementing the Minsk agreements, we cannot talk about lifting sanctions, Merkel said.

 According to the head of the German government, “there is no significant progress in the Minsk process.” “Peace and restoration of the territorial integrity of Ukraine are very important topics for Europe,” Merkel said.

The Chancellor stressed that events in Ukraine show that the North Atlantic Alliance needs to focus more on issues of defense. Germany is contributing to the security of the Baltic States. In part, Germany, exercises command of NATO’s international allied battalion in Lithuania, which includes Bundeswehr soldiers.

On Thursday, The European Union extended individual sanctions against Russia which were imposed due to Russia’s actions to undermine the sovereignty of Ukrainian sovereignty. According to the EU, an overview of the situation does not necessitate a change in the sanctions. The restrictive measures have been extended until March 15th 2019. The sanctions, which include freezing assets in EU countries as well as banning entrance to European countries, are still imposed on 155 people and 44 legal entities.

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