Military expert: Ukraine will create a 'retaliation' weapon against Russia

Ukraine can and must create a “retaliation”, “deterrence and attack” weapon in order to “adequately respond” to Russia, Oleh Starikov, a retired colonel of the Security Service of Ukraine, said on News One TV channel.

According to him, “retaliation” weapons are short-range missiles with a range of 500–1000 kilometers.

“This is a weapon for deterrence and attack,” Starikov said.

At present, Ukraine does not possess such missiles but it can create them at the Yuzhmash plant. The former colonel of the SBU believes that only political will is required for that.

In November, Ukrainian military expert Valentin Badrak said that there has been such a “surge” in the development of military technology in Ukraine since 2014 that a rocket with a range of 1.5 thousand kilometers could be created and it would “reach Moscow”.

In January, Mikhail Samus, Deputy Director of the Center for Army Studies, Conversion and Disarmament, advised Ukraine to develop its own weapon to deter Russia, the Neptune rocket, which can be hit deep into Russia.

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