Modova’s President-elect vows to support Ukraine’s territorial integrity

The President-elect of Moldova Maia Sandu fully supports the territorial integrity of Ukraine. "I feel love and respect for Ukrainians who have sacrificed their lives to protect their country, its sovereignty and future as a European state," she said during a meeting with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky in July 2019, while serving as Prime Minister of Moldova.

In addition, Sandu spoke about the need to adopt Ukraine's experience in creating an anti-corruption court and anti-corruption agencies. She also expressed support for the pro-European course of Ukraine.

Deputy Speaker of the Moldovan Parliament Mihail Popșoi also said that Sandu will openly declare that Crimea is the territory of Ukraine.

Among other things, Sandu said that she is ready to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin and conduct a coherent dialogue to resolve the Transdniestrian conflict with international partners. One element of such a conversation may be the withdrawal of the Russian military.

Maya Sandu, the country's former prime minister and the leader of the Party of Action and Solidarity, won the presidential election in Moldova.

  Sandu, Modova, Ukraine


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