Mogherini: The EU expects big reforms from Ukraine

The EU recognizes the implementation of a number of reforms in Ukraine, but expects more determination in the continuation of the work, especially in the area of the fight against corruption, as stated on Monday, March 19th, by Federica Mogherini at a press conference following the meeting of the EU Council on Foreign Affairs, where the Ukrainian issue was discussed, UNIAN reports.

"We discussed our support for the reform process in Ukraine, and we recognize that several reforms were adopted, especially at the end of last year, which were very helpful, including reform in the energy sector, pension reform, etc. But there are other areas where work was done, but we would like to see more determination," Mogherini said.

However, the EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, Mogherini, noted that it is much more difficult to carry out reforms than to encourage them.

"This is even more difficult, especially in a country that has a conflict on its territory and is entering the electoral phase, we are very well aware of this, but we expressed - and I personally did it very openly - expectations to the President and the Prime Minister of Ukraine, that it is especially important for anti-corruption work to continue with the formation of the Supreme Anti-Corruption Court, and the elimination of the need for anti-corruption activists to fill in electronic declarations," she said.

According to Mogherini, there are also "other steps necessary to consolidate the reforms that, as we can see, are needed not by the EU, but by Ukrainian citizens."

"This is also an investment in Ukrainian stability with respect to the conflict in the east," the EU High Representative emphasized.

Earlier, Mogherini said that the EU will continue to fully support Ukraine. Mogherini had visited Ukraine earlier.

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