Moldovan President Dodon promises Putin that he will not pass anti-Russian laws

Moldovan President Igor Dodon discussed his last meeting with Vladimir Putin on his Facebook page. According to Dodon, he promised the Russian president that he will not adopt laws directed against Russia.

Dodon confirmed that the development of bilateral ties between Moscow and Chisinau was continuing "in spite of the provocations of the government and the parliamentary majority" of Moldova, who are in opposition to the President.

Speaking about the meeting in Facebook, Dodon stressed that he was against "anti-Russian manifestations in the activities of the Moldovan authorities." "I assured the President of Russia that I would not sign any anti-Russian law, even if the parliamentary majority once again votes for it. This, in particular, concerns the draft law on banning the broadcasting of Russian news and information and analytical programs in the territory of Moldova," added Dodon.

As specified on the Kremlin's website, the negotiations with the Moldovan leader were also attended by Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin, and presidential aide Yuri Ushakov. The meeting of the political leadership of the two countries was held in Sochi.

Putin noted that this year marks 25 years since the two countries established diplomatic relations. Since that moment, the Russian president stated, a number of tragic events have taken place, including the Transdniestrian conflict. "But just in this regard, we very much appreciate your efforts to normalize Russian-Moldovan relations. We see that the process is not easy, but we proceed from the fact that both the Moldovan people and the people of the Russian Federation are interested in its positive completion," Putin underscored.

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