Moldovan President warns Ukraine that ‘soft dialog’ didn’t help Moldova to retake Transnistria

Moldova's President-elect, Maia Sandu, recalled that despite the country's decision to choose a "soft approach" in the Transdniestrian negotiations, it did not resolve the conflict for almost 28 years.

"For example, Moldova has chosen a softer approach. We recognized that Transnistria is part of the negotiating format. We gave local businesses the same trade preferences that our producers have - in particular, the right of free exports to the EU under the Association Agreement. We have signed more than 300 documents on the resolution of the conflict, etc.," Sadnu said in an interview with Evropeyska Pravda.

Sandu advised Ukraine to take into account Moldova's experience in Transnistria.

She noted that in the early 1990s, after the end of the hot phase of the Transnistrian conflict, Chisinau agreed to a "direct dialogue" with unrecognized authorities in Tiraspol, and Russia - agreed to be considered a "mediator" in the settlement of the conflict. However, negotiations between Chisinau and Tiraspol are still ongoing.

"But despite all these steps, we have not yet come anywhere. And it might be useful for Ukraine to take into account our experience in its actions with regards to the Donbas," Sandu explained.

She also said that she considers the federalization of Moldova unacceptable.

Russia acts as a mediator in the so-called "Minsk talks" on Donbass (Ukraine, OSCE, Russia). At the same time, it supports the militants and supplies them with weapons.

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