Montenegro’s opposition leaders suspected of attempting a coup ask Putin and Macron for help

The leaders of the opposition coalition "Democratic Front" of Montenegro, Milan Knezevich and Andrija Mandic wrote an open letter to the presidents of Russia and France, Serbian authorities, as well as the leaders of the PACE and the European Parliament. In the letter, the politicians claim that they and their supporters are subjected to prosecution, including judicial.

Knezevich and Mandic believe that their case has political motives.

They said that the court revoked their passports, which prevents them from engaging in political activities.

Knezevich and Mandic are asking the leaders of Russia and France, as well as the European Union, to use their authority and help stop the “Kafkaesque prosecution.”

Milan Knezevich and Andrija Mandic accused of involvement in an attempted coup in Montenegro on October 16, 2016. According to investigators, the Serbian and Montenegro nationalists wanted to seize the parliament building on Election Day, kill the country's Prime Minister, Milo Dukanovic, change power, and eventually prevent Montenegro from joining NATO.

Montenegrin authorities announced that Russian special services were involved in the attempted coup. Russia denies these accusations.

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