Most Latvian parties support sanctions against Russia

The majority of Latvian parties running in the European Parliament elections are in favor of maintaining the sanctions on Russia, according to a survey conducted by the LETA news agency.

The parties New Unity, the Union of Greens and Farmers, the Progressives, the Latvian Association of Regions, Who Owns the State, and “Development/For!” believe that “the sanctions must be maintained in the current form and amendments to them can be made depending on changes for the better or the worse in Russian politics”.

The National Bloc and New Conservative Party (JKP) think that “the sanctions should be intensified, since Russian politics is not changing”. The JKP also believes that “we need to fight fiercely against the channels of Russian propaganda”.

The opposition party “Harmony” believes that “new sanctions should not be imposed and changes could be made to the existing regime”. Only the Latvian Russian Union (not represented in parliament) advocates lifting the sanctions.

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