NATO's Northern Coasts military exercises begin in Baltic Sea

NATO's military exercises Northern Coasts with the participation of 3 thousand troops and 40 ships from 18 countries started in the Baltic Sea, reports the press service of the North Atlantic Alliance.

The exercises are conducted in the area of the Danish straits that are connecting the Baltic and North seas. NATO's spokesperson Oana Lungescu said that this year's exercises are held for the 13th time.

Lungescu considers that “the security environment in the region has deteriorated after Russia’s illegal annexation of Ukraine’s Crimea and its continuing military-build-up”. The Alliance deployed more than 4.5 thousand troops in the Baltic States and Poland near the border with Russia.

From 9 to 21 June Baltops-2019 military exercises were held in the Baltic Sea. 18 NATO member countries and partners of the Alliance attended the drills. This year, 8.6 thousand soldiers, 50 ships, 36 aircraft, and helicopters participated in the military maneuvers. NATO stated that the exercise was held to demonstrate the forces of the Alliance to work together and confront any enemy.

During NATO's military exercises, the Russian military conducted test firing in the Baltic Sea. Corvettes Boikiy and Stoikiy, small missile ships Serpukhov, Zelenyy Dol, Downpour, Passat, as well as Alexin anti-submarine ship participated in the exercises.

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