NATO strengthens its strike group on the border of Moldova

NATO is increasing its military presence on the border with Moldova. Hundreds of soldiers and F-16 aircraft the Fort Worth airbase in Texas were deployed to Romania "to strengthen the defense in the Eastern zone of NATO" and prevent "possible Russian aggression."

According to Romanian authorities, the presence of the US air force guarantees a successful deterrent to any possible aggression.

" We have our ‘friendly’ neighbor on the east side, that sometimes puts a lot of pressure, not only on our country, but on the entire eastern flank of NATO," said the representative of the Romanian armed forces, major Cosmin Tanase.

Two hundred fifty American soldiers and 12 F-16C fighters have been relocated to the Romanian Air Force 71st Air Basen near Campia Turzii. American partners also plan to invest $ 40 million in the construction of a new air base in the Romanian territory.

The United States European Command (EUCOM) announced that in the summer of 2019 the US will deploy a THAAD missile defense system in Romania at the request of NATO.

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