NATO to increase its presence in the Black Sea

NATO member forces will increase air patrols and the presence of naval ships in the Black Sea, said the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, as quoted by Interfax Ukraine.

According to Kyiv, the relevant agreement was reached during the meeting of Ukrainian Defense Minister Andriy Taran with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg in Brussels.

Taran also called on NATO member states to join the national strategic exercises planned in the fall in southern Ukraine.

Stoltenberg and Taran noted that the situation in the Black Sea region continues to deteriorate as Russia increases its military presence there and changes the balance of power.

On July 8, a group of three minesweepers and a flagship of the NATO navy entered the Black Sea.

After Ukraine was grated a status of NATO’s enhanced capabilities partner, the Alliance can ask the official Kyiv to expand the presence of the Ukrainian military in its headquaters.

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