Russian opposition leader Navalny announces all-Russian protest against pension reform

On Tuesday August 7, Russian opposition leader and founder of the Anti-Corruption Foundation (ACF) Alexei Navalny announced that he plans to hold an all-Russian protest on September 9, against raising the retirement age.

On the same day, the election of mayor is to be held in Moscow as well as the election of the constituent heads of the Russian Federation’s subjects in 25 other regions. “There are no restrictions on carrying out protests on Election Day,” Navalny explained. “We want everyone to discuss raising the retirement age during the elections,” he added.

According to Navalny, this is a great date for authorities to impose its “political agenda.” He emphasized that the organizers will insist on routes only in the center of the city in Moscow and St. Petersburg. 46 headquarters will submit all required applications across the country. They will cooperate with groups of local activists. “Don’t be a voluntary victim of robbery. Go out on September 9,” concluded the politician.

Almost 40% of Russians are ready to go on protest. Recently, Levada Center conducted a survey, where 37% of respondents stated their intention to participate in protests against raising the retirement age. At the same time, 64% of Russians believe that the pension reform will affect their families’ lives “rather negatively” or “strongly negatively” and only 6% think there will be positive results.

Almost 71% of Russians noted that they would like the law on increasing pensions to be repealed, and more than a third of those surveyed believe that Russian President Vladimir Putin will eventually sign the decree.

On July 19, The Russian State Duma approved the pension reform draft in the first reading. It is planned that by 2028, men will retire at the age of 65, and by 2034, women will go on deserved rest at the age of 63.

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