Navalny confident that Putin was behind his poisoning

Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny is confident that Russian President Vladimir Putin personally gave permission for his assassination. 

According to him, there is no doubt that this situation is managed by the Kremlin's master. The operation to remove the oppositionist from the political field lasted for almost four years and involved dozens of people, including several generals of the Federal Security Service. Poisoning was perceived in the FSB as a state task.

"It's not like they met in the Cafe Romashka and said something to each other. It was a formal operation," Navalny said in an interview with Ekho Moskvy (Echo of Moscow) radio.

Navalny believes that the head of the Russian special services Alexander Bortnikov would never have decided to kill without Putin's personal order, as "this is a real terrorist act under the Criminal Code of Russia."

The politician believes that the Russian leader is directly managing the FSB.

"He meets with Bortnikov's deputies, heads of units. The only thing this crazy, paranoid man in a bunker is doing is managing his beloved FSB," Navalny concluded.

  Navalny, Putin