Navalny’s Anti-corruption fund publishes report on wealth of the son of Putin’s press secretary Peskov

The Anti-corruption Foundation, headed by Russian opposition politician Alexei Navalny, published an investigation into Nikolai Choles, the son of Dmitry Peskov, the press secretary of the Russian president.

Choles is Peskov’s son from his first marriage. He lived in the UK but arrived in Russia in 2011-2012. Since then, this son of an influential father has led the life of a millionaire. He goes horse riding, drives expensive cars and travels by private planes.

The press secretary’s heir first gained public attention when Peskov was seen next to a 170-thousand-dollar Tesla car. The car was registered to Peskov’s elder son, Nikolai Choles.

Nikolai also drives a Range Rover worth $152,000 with a St. George ribbon. He flaunts his fleet of luxury cars in social networks, proudly displaying his Ferrari, Mercedes CLA and Harley Davidson motorcycle. Choles also has an apartment in the center of Moscow and until recently, he owned real estate in Rublyovka.

Though such wealth is usually attached to people of powerful corporate positions, Peskov’s son does not occupy any high posts. At one time he worked on the propaganda channel RT, and then he was a creative director of the "Fight Nights" company, which organizes fights and sports competitions. However, most recently, Choles is not employed anywhere at all.

In his video, Navalny claims that they were unable to find information about Choles’ studies in England. Instead, the Anti-corruption Foundation discovered that in 2009, Peskov's son and two of his friends attacked and robbed a teenage boy, then attacked the girl the teenager was with and took her phone. For this, Choles spent more than a year in prison.

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