Navalny’s supporters accuse Kremlin of trying to hide his poisoning details

The the Russian transport police found a substance that was used to poison the politician, stated Navalny's headquarters in Omsk.

"It (substance) is dangerous for the lives of others. Everyone, who is around him, needs special protective gear. That is why they refuse to give Alexei back," the headquarters said.

The name of the substance found in the body of Navalny is not disclosed, said the spokeswoman of the politician Kira Yarmish. The transport police explained this as a "investigation secret," said Ivan Yudanov, director of the Anti-Corruption Foundation.

Currently, there is a direct threat to the life of Alexei Navalny, Yarmysh wrote on Twitter, after the chief doctor of the hospital of emergency medicine in Omsk said that Navalny cannot be transported.

"The condition is unstable. Relatives' decisions to transport him are not enough," she wrote.

Yarmish noted that the ban on transporting the oppositionist means a direct threat to his life.

"To stay in the Omsk hospital without equipment, with an undiagnosed condition is deadly in the current situation," she said.

According to her, earlier, doctors said that they are ready to allow transportation.

"That's why we organized it as soon as possible. Now, at the last moment, doctors do not give permission. This decision, of course, was made not by them, but by the Kremlin," she added.

Yulia Navalny said that she does not trust the Omsk hospital emergency department, where her husband is located. She is sure that doctors do not give permission for his transportation for treatment to Europe, "so that the chemical that is in Alexei's body disappeared."

Later, Yarmysh wrote: ""Two days" apparently, the exact answer to the question of how long it takes for the poison to disappear from the body without a trace."

According to Bild, a plane flew from Germany to Russia, which was supposed to bring the oppositionist to Berlin. In the German capital, he could be already out by lunchtime.

On August 20, on the way from Tomsk to Moscow, Navalny became ill. The liner had to land in Omsk and the politician was taken to hospital. He was taken to intensive care. The teammates believe that something was added into Navalny’s tea.

The U.S. warned Russia that it could renegotiate bilateral relations after the poisoning of the oppositionist.

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