Navalny's video about Putin's palace tops YouTube charts in 7 countries

A Alexei Navalny's  video about Putin's palace near Gelendzhik topped YouTube most-watched charts in 7 countries, reported the investigative-lawyer of the Anti-Corruption Foundation Lyubov Sobol on her Telegram channel.

According to YouTube statistics, as of January 20, 19:30 Moscow time, the video became the most-watched video in Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Ukraine, Estonia and Cyprus.

In addition, the video hit the top 10 YouTube trends in 15 countries, including Israel, the Czech Republic, Norway, Switzerland, Spain and others.

As of 23:50 Moscow time, the video had been watched by more than 32 million people.

In his investigation Navalny provides new details about Putin's palace near Gelendzhik. According to him, the palace is worth almost 100 billion rubles ($1.36 billion USD). Inside the palace there is a hookah parlour, casino, theater, an ice skating complex, a church, an underground tunnel with access to the sea.

The Anti-Corruption Foundation said in the video that Navalny decided that he would release the material immediately after returning to Russia. "Alexei did not want the main character of this investigation, Vladimir Putin, to think that we were afraid of him because we reveal his biggest secret from abroad," said the Anti-Corruption Foundation.

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