Nephew of Kremlin propagandist tried in German court for taking part in Donbas war

Nephew of Russian propagandist Dmitry Kiselev is being tried in court in Munich Germany. Dmitry Kiselev’s relative, Sergei Kiselev, is accused of planning to participate in combat actions in the Donbas, writes RTVI.

According to the investigation, in the summer of 2014, the accused began military training in a training camp in St Petersburg, to prepare to join the DPR (Donets People’s Republic) militants in the Donbas.

He planned to go the territories of Ukraine which are not under the Kyiv’s control and obtained a gun and a Kalashnikov assault rifle. However, at the end of 2017, German authorities launched an investigation into Sergei Kiselev, and a year later he was detained in Bulgaria and deported to Germany based on an EU order. 

According to the OstWest TV channel, in 1994, Sergey Kiselev became a priest. He served in the Kazan Cathedral in Red Square in Moscow. He moved to Germany in 1996 to serve there in Orthodox churches. 

The Welt newspaper writes that there are photos of Sergey Kiselev on social networks, where he and 12 other men are posing with flags of the terrorist “DPR.” It is noted that the photos were taken in St Petersburg.

In addition, one of the photo, shows a  logo of the organization called “The Imperial Legion,” whose members teach the “Orthodox people” the skills of wielding a weapon and military combat. According to the investigation, Kiselev trained with this organization.

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