Netanyahu confirms that it was Israel that struck Syria this week

Israeli Prime Minister and Minister of Defense Benjamin Netanyahu hinted that it was the Israeli Air Force that bombed military facilities in Syria tonight.

“The challenges we face are endless. Not only are we decisively countering any attacks by the enemy, we also anticipate the strikes. Acting firmly and relentlessly, we will not allow the enemy to create bridgeheads to carry out attacks near our borders,” said Netanyahu, speaking at a ceremony honoring the memory of the fourth President of the State of Israel, Efraim Katsir, at the Rehovot cemetery.

As reported earlier, a missile attack was launched against military targets in the Tel Al-Hara area in Syria (Dara Province) last night.

According to Arabic information sources, the Israeli Air Force launched the missile attack using F-16 aircraft during the operation. It was also reported that before launching the missiles, Israel blinded Syria's air defense having taken measures to ensure electronic security.

Tel al-Hara is one of three sites in Syria that make up the so-called “triangle of death”. This hill is one of the highest in Syria and it is considered key in the struggle with Israel for control of the border.

At one time, it served as the base for the Main Intelligence Directorate (GRU) of the Ministry of Defense of Russia’s radio intelligence operations. It was a jointly used by the GRU and the Syrian army.

In 2015, the base was captured by Jabhat al-Nusra militants. In 2018, Bashar Assad’s army regained control of the hill. Now, according to some sources, the intelligence forces of the Assad army are located there and, for some time, Iranian military activity has also been observed there, which is probably the reason the military operation was orchestrated to destroy the intelligence base.

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