10,000 protested in Belgrade, Serbia

On Saturday, April 8, in the capital of Serbia, more than ten thousand citizens gathered in protest against Aleksandar Vučić’s victory in the presidential election. The opposition fears that Vučić would threaten the country by establishing a dictatorship. The streets were filled mainly with students, police and army representatives.

Vučić won the election in the first round, gaining 55 percent of the vote. His main rival, opposition candidate Sasha Jankovic scored 16 percent of the vote and supported the demonstrators. According to Jankovic, the protesters are unhappy with the “lawlessness of the autocratic regime, which threatens the creation of a dictatorship and the destruction of all civilized values.”

The opposition criticizes Vučić's excessive presence in the media before the vote during the last elections. Citizens were also wary about election-day reports that votes were purchased in Vučić's favor and that the activists of his Serbian Progressive Party were registering those who came to the polls and those who did not.

Vučić himself, commenting on the ongoing demonstrations, noted that everyone has the right to express their opinion. “It is important to be done peacefully and in a democratic manner,” he said.

Vučić's inauguration will take place at the end of May. According to the Serbian constitution, the head of state is endowed with only symbolic powers, but some observers believe that the post of the head of government will be taken by a politician controlled by Vučić.

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