A referendum on strengthening the powers of the president will be held in Moldova

Moldovan President Igor Dodon initiated a referendum for citizens of the country to express their opinions regarding the expansion of the powers of the head of state. The order was signed on Tuesday, March 28th, during a press conference where the results of Dodon's last 100 days as president were summed up.

The referendum will ask whether the President should be granted the right to dissolve the parliament and organize quick elections.

In addition, three more issues will be raised on the ballot, the reduction of the number of deputies from 101 to 70 people, the repeal of the law on the transfer of billions of euros that were stolen from the banking system to the public debt and the replacement of the school subject, "History of Romania" with "History of Moldova."

The referendum is planned to be held in September 2017, its results will be of an advisory nature.

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