Abromavičius: The coming weeks are critical for the Ukrainian government

According to Aivaras Abromavičius, if the Ukrainian government does not take action, then Ukraine will have "not just frozen military conflict in the Donbas, but also frozen economic reforms important for all of Ukraine."

Abromavičius, who resigned from the post of Minister of Economic Development, said that the Ukrainian government in the coming weeks should make a number of important and difficult decisions necessary for the further development of the country.

"I was always saying that we are either two steps away from a breakthrough or two steps away from failure. Those two steps will be defining the direction.. during the next two weeks. I think that only a technocratic government has the ability to raise us to a completely different level," he said in an interview on a TSN Tizhden television program.

"During the next two weeks, it's necessarily to make several important and tough decisions. I think that some people among the entourage of the President and the Prime Minister should not be involved in politics, because they degrade the image of the country, the President's image, and the Prime Minister's. We could move forward much faster if such lobbying and 'gray cardinals' would no longer occur in Ukrainian politics," Abromavičius stressed.

Answering the question as to whether there is a possibility for him to stay in government, Abromavičius replied "at this time a list of demands is being created for the parliament, and the Presidential Administration, on the basis of which it will be possible to see whether there is a desire to move forward."

"I think that a lot still has to be completed and the implementation is under a question mark," he added.

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