The head of Russian-controlled government in the Crimea doubled his 2015 gains last year

Incomes in 2016 belonging to the head of the Crimea, Sergey Aksyonov nearly doubled his 2015 gains, amounting to 2.63 million rubles. This is evidenced by his income declaration, published on the portal of the Crimean government.
Last year, Aksyonov’s declared annual income was 2,632,380.36 rubles or $39,178 going by the 2016 average annual exchange rate. In 2015, he only earned 1.4 million rubles or $22,842 rated at the 2015 average, and in 2014 he earned 1.6 million rubles or $41,591 at the 2014 average annual exchange rate.

The income declaration also reveals that the head of the Crimea possessed a house with 577 square meters of floor area on a plot of land 607 square meters in size, which he jointly owned with his wife.

Aksyonov’s wife, Elena owns three apartments with areas of 81.9, 66.3 and 30.6 square meters, and six nonresidential premises, the largest of which is 129.8 square meters while the smallest is 36.3 square meters. She also owns a BMW 750 LI XDRIVE luxury automobile. She also had a land plot of 961 square meters and a house of 577.5 square meters in her use in 2016. The annual income of the Crimean head’s spouse was 32.8 million rubles or $488,168.

Among the Crimea’s vice-premiers, the largest income in 2016 was earned by Boris Zimin, who took up this post in February 2017. He had declared earnings of 14.4 million rubles or $214,318. He also owns 120 plots of land, including shared ownership, two Toyota cars, two apartments and a garage.

Sergey Aksyonov became the leader of the Crimea on October 9, 2014. Before that, since 2010, he had been a deputy of the Supreme Council of the Republic. From 2008 to 2014, he headed the Russian Unity All-Ukrainian party. Prior to his political career, he was engaged in private business in the food industry.

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