Amnesty International: Freedom of press in Russia is 'severely restricted'

The freedom of the Russian media “was severely restricted” in 2015, according to an Amnesty International human rights report entitled “Human Rights in the Contemporary World”.  The Russian presentation of the report was held in Moscow in the Rosbalt Media Center.

According to Sergey Nikitin, the Director of the organization in Russia, the number of independent media sources in Russia “can probably be counted on one hand”.

“With regard to the freedom of the media, it is no secret that it has continued to be severely restricted.  Often, it has even led to self-censorship.  The number of independent media portals is exceedingly small.  The fingers on my one hand would be enough to count such media.  Most media portals do not deviate in their editorial independence from the official point of view regarding the situation in our country, as well as worldwide events,” Nikitin concluded.

  Russia, human rights