Amnesty International: Russia is last in tolerance for refugees

According to a survey by Amnesty International, almost two-thirds of Russians are opposed to the settlement of refugees in the Russian Federation.

The Head of the Amnesty International representative office in the Russian Federation, Sergei Nikitin, reported at a talk at the anniversary conference of the Moscow Helsinki Group that “a statistical review by Amnesty International about the attitude of authorities and population toward refugees from other countries will be released in a week. Russia is in last place there. 61% of the population is opposed to the fact that refugees, people who escaped from war and trouble, were accepted,” Interfax reported.

He noted that the human rights situation is deteriorating in the world and that the authorities of many countries consciously violate international law. “Russia is only part of this common challenge,” he added.

Last week, the Secretary of the Security Council of Russia, Nikolai Patrushev, stated that Ukrainian refugees complicate the criminal situation in the Southern Federal District. In particular, he stated that the increase in the number of conflict situations is due to the influx of migrants.

“The presence of almost 73,000 unemployed refugees from Ukraine complicates the criminal situation,” Patrushev noted during the Security Council’s retreat in Astrakhan.

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