Bild: Paris terrorists bought weapons in Germany

Terrorists, who launched a series of attacks in Paris on November 13, bought 4 Kalashnikov assault rifles from a certain Sasha V.
Sasha V, who is from a German city of Magstadt, came to the attention of investigators even earlier,writes Bild.
The Baden-Württemberg Prosecutor’s Office confirmed the detention of a 34-year old man on suspicion of the arms trade. In response to the Reuters’ request, a representative of the office reported that he is in the remand prison. According to him, this person was arrested on November 24.

The prosecutor refused to comment on Bild's information concerning the sale of weapons to Paris terrorists by the detainee. On the same day, Bild published a material, referring to documents from German investigators, stating that the participants of the terrorist acts in Paris used weapons that were bought in Germany. According to this information, terrorists ordered four assault rifles on the Internet: two AK-47, produced in China and two Zastava M-70 assault rifles, manufactured on the basis of the Kalashnikov model in the former Yugoslavia.

According to the newspaper, the Stuttgart Prosecutor’s Office is conducting the investigation of this case. The Stuttgart officials also involved the German Prosecutor General.
The investigation is specifically focused on the case of 34-year old Sasha V., who is suspected of selling weapons to the terrorists.

The man sold four Kalashnikov assault rifles to some "Arab in Paris".

The Blid reported that Sasha came to the attention of law enforcement authorities in early 2015 on suspicion of illegal sales of weapons over the internet. On November 23, the suspect was arrested. During the search of his house, 16 firearms were found. Currently, Sasha is in the remand prison in Stuttgart.

According to the German newspaper,on November 25th, the police found a few emails in the suspect’s smartphone, indicating that he sold four Kalashnikov assault rifles to some "Arabs in Paris". The series of organized attacks committed in Paris on November 13 resulted in 130 deaths and 350 wounded.

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