General Bradshaw: NATO needs to implement ‘hybrid deterrence’ against Russia

The Deputy Supreme Allied Commander in Europe, British General Adrian Bradshaw, called on the Alliance to intensify opposition to Russian cyber attacks, propaganda and political agitation.

According to the General, the West needs a common strategy to confront these threats. Bradshaw stated that the answer to such so-called "hybrid warfare" should be "hybrid deterrence." As an example of such deterrence, he specifically cited economic sanctions against Russia.

Additionally, according to Bradshaw, it is necessary to provide the Russian-speaking population of the Baltic States with information sources that present an alternative to Russian state television.

In an interview with BBC, Bradshaw suggested that Russia's behavior in the international arena is due to the fact that President Vladimir Putin is "protecting his own power." That said, Bradshaw assessed the probability of a military conflict between Russia and NATO as low.

At the same time, Bradshaw noted that there is still a “very small risk and these issues need to be addressed because their consequences could be disastrous”.

Previously, Adrian Bradshaw said that NATO forces should be prepared in case of a full-fledged Russian attack on any country-member of the alliance.

In turn, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said that the Alliance would not abandon the idea of ​​granting NATO membership to Ukraine and Georgia.


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