Canadian business leaders want to build power plants in the Chernobyl zone

The Ukrainian Minister of Ecology and Natural Resources, Ostap Semerak, discussed the investment attractiveness of the exclusion zone for renewable energy during a Canadian-Ukrainian business forum, stating that a number of Canadian investors are interested in the possibility of constructing solar power plants and biofuel plants in the exclusion zone, the agency’s press service reported.

“Canadian investors are interested in the possibility of constructing biofuel plants and power stations in the Chernobyl zone. Several proposals concerning the possible construction were presented by Canadian businessmen. Firstly, we will consider the option of developing alternative energy in a special industrial zone as the Government adopted the decision to build a reserve on the remaining area to serve as a buffer zone before special industrial use,” Semerak stated.

Semerak added that there are already power grid facilities in the Chernobyl zone, including transformer substations and high-voltage power lines that are necessary for the implementation of renewable energy projects.

In addition, a single window for investors to remove administrative barriers for businesses was created by the State Agency for Management Exclusion Zones.

According to him, the representatives of Canadian businesses are interested in solar energy because there are underutilized networks in the exclusion zone, and the lower price for leasing this land which represents a significant part of production cost in this sector.

At the same time, Semerak noted that legislative regulation of land use in the exclusion area is required to implement such projects and expressed his hope that corresponding draft laws that will pass the first reading in early July will be fully approved before the end of the current session of the Verkhovna Rada.

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