Chairman Parubiy suggested inviting an interpreter to the Verkhovna Rada for the benefit of those who do not speak Ukrainian

People's deputies from the Opposition Bloc had an argument with the chairman of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, Andriy Parubiy, regarding speeches in Russian.

As UNIAN reports, during a session concerning one of the current problems, a deputy from the Opposition Bloc Natalia Korolevska got up on rostrum and began her speech in Russian. Parubiy encouraged her to speak the state language. Korolevska agreed, but asked to apply such approach to all MPs.

Later, Deputy Oleksandr Dolzhenkov began speaking from the platform. He started his speech in Ukrainian but later switched into Russian, pointing out that according to the law, "a speaker may make statements in any another language." Dolzhenkov then went on to say, "With regard to the language in which one needs to speak, I have a very big request to the chairman, Andriy Volodymyrovych. We have a law called "Regulations of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine." We also have the law of Ukraine "On fundamentals of the State Language Policy,” where in article 9 it is clearly stated that the speaker can make a speech in another language."

"The meetings of the Verkhovna Rada are conducted in the state language; the meetings of the committees are conducted in the state language. The speaker has the right to speak the language that he knows," said Dolzhenkov and added that this requirement, in his opinion, exists because the deputies "speak to their constituents."

After this, an uproar arose in the hall. In response, Parubiy urged members not to create an atmosphere of conflict. "There is the Constitution of Ukraine, where it is determined that Ukrainian is the state language. The only official language. Do not create a conflict where there is none,” said the Chairman of Verkhovna Rada.

The Speaker noted that it is impossible to imagine that in the Parliament of any European country, "with all due respect to all national minorities, someone spoke a language different from the officially recognized state language."

Parubiy added that if a deputy needs an interpreter then it is necessary to request one in advance and it will be provided.

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